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Before I came to University of Edinburgh to start the TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) programme, I was just graduated from UIC (Beijing Normal University-Hongkong Baptist university United International College), with my Bachelor’s Degree in TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language).

Some people asked me that why not to change tthe major while I had already studied TESL for four years. I could not give out an exact answer straight away because I know that some classmates who wanted to be English teachers had already found a job. It is not that difficult to become a English teacher with an undergraduate degree. Howerver, having studied TESL for four years, I feel so involved in this area, though I was not interested in it at the very beginning. In TESL,  I met so many fantastic lecturers and professors who I consider as educators. They fostered our learning in every possible way, provided me a lot of help and set up excellent models in educating people. My desire to become a successful English teacher was trigged and largely increased, and I feel what I have learned is far from adequate. I am eager to explore more in the area of lanauge learning and teaching. When I came to TESOL, many things I encountered are new to me. My knowledge is being accumulated and really increased.

Taking the online language learning course is a very good example. Using online technology to learn and teach is a brand-new experience to me. Although I just started it, I can taste the goodness of it. I am sure that I will benifit a lot from this course and will try to put what I learn into practice to my future teaching context. I am looking forward to creating my own wiki in a few days after I finish my last two big assignments. Hopefully, I will share some interesting issues regarding the wiki by then.

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