Explore how online resources can be employed to foster language learning and teaching.


Before I came to University of Edinburgh to start the TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) programme, I was just graduated from UIC (Beijing Normal University-Hongkong Baptist university United International College), with my Bachelor’s Degree in TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language).

Some people asked me that why not to change tthe major while I had already studied TESL for four years. I could not give out an exact answer straight away because I know that some classmates who wanted to be English teachers had already found a job. It is not that difficult to become a English teacher with an undergraduate degree. Howerver, having studied TESL for four years, I feel so involved in this area, though I was not interested in it at the very beginning. In TESL,  I met so many fantastic lecturers and professors who I consider as educators. They fostered our learning in every possible way, provided me a lot of help and set up excellent models in educating people. My desire to become a successful English teacher was trigged and largely increased, and I feel what I have learned is far from adequate. I am eager to explore more in the area of lanauge learning and teaching. When I came to TESOL, many things I encountered are new to me. My knowledge is being accumulated and really increased.

Taking the online language learning course is a very good example. Using online technology to learn and teach is a brand-new experience to me. Although I just started it, I can taste the goodness of it. I am sure that I will benifit a lot from this course and will try to put what I learn into practice to my future teaching context. I am looking forward to creating my own wiki in a few days after I finish my last two big assignments. Hopefully, I will share some interesting issues regarding the wiki by then.



  Ruby wrote @

Really interesting that you want to keep studying instead of getting a job as a teacher – but a real pity that we have to make that kind of choice. The recent document about education and teacehr training in Scotland (the Donaldson review) is suggesting in part that teachers should have opportunities to be able to do both – be good teachers in the classroom but also have opportunities for research and development.

  Testing « ollexploration wrote @

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